Seeking Perfection Marketing & Ometria

Ometria is a smart ESP that powers the marketing of hundreds of retailers – from the world’s fastest growing retail brands to established high street names.

Headquartered in the UK and ranked as one of the 50 highest-growth start-ups in the UK, Ometria’s relentless obsession with personalised customer experience is at the heart of its rapid growth and growing customer base.

“Seeking Perfection’s strong background in the software industry and technical expertise in online advertising and demand generation made them the perfect partner to help scale the Ometria business. They made us feel confident throughout the process, and we have seen a significant increase in marketing qualified leads over the past few months.”

Minal Saigal, Chief Marketing Officer

Creating Marketing Experiences that Customers Love

Central to Ometria’s success is the belief that in today’s consumer-centric world winning customer experience is not just an option; it’s a competitive advantage. By enabling high street retailers and leading ecommerce brands to deliver personalised experiences at scale, Ometria unlocks the door to superior customer experience, driving sales and loyalty for their high profile customers.

Sharing this vision and showing the way to leaders in the retail sector has been a core part of Ometria’s strategy, and Seeking Perfection Marketing have been instrumental in helping to create awareness and drive demand for their exciting proposition.


Campaigns Launched


Ad Interactions


Sales Leads

Creating Demand & Influencing Sales Pipeline

With fresh investment and a strategic imperative to upscale the marketing department, Ometria approached Seeking Perfection to consult on the optimal set-up of a new demand generation function within the marketing department.

Following an initial recommendation on which channels to utilise to achieve the customer acquisition goals, the project then moved into the execution phase with new campaigns being activated simultaneously across LinkedIn, Google and Facebook.

Rapid Campaign Activation

Over a 12 month period 101 separate campaigns were launched, creating new awareness for the Ometria brand, capturing existing demand and, crucially, generating new sales leads that fit Ometria’s ideal customer profile.

Included in the campaign execution was a multi-variant testing strategy, ongoing optimisation, and full end to end reporting.

The project defined the go-to-market strategy for demand generation at Ometria and put in place the processes needed to successfully run a demand generation operation.

The Results

Since working with Seeking Perfection Ometria has activated over 100 different campaigns across three platforms and generated 219 new sales leads.

With more than 5 million new impressions served and over 40,000 ad clicks Ometria has truly transformed its predominantly outbound marketing operation into a multi-faceted marketing department with a significant focus on demand generation and demand capture.

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